Welcome to Elixir's litepaper. Lean about the Web3 version of Steam, a common space for the GameFi ecosystem

Elixir is a Binance Accelerator Program IV member for the most valuable builders. See more here​

All crypto-related games, often using one or more labels like GameFi, play2earn, Web3 or Metaverse games, desperately seek, if not immortality, at least a prolonged life that today looks reserved to a few. Only those who can find the right combination of game attractiveness, community strength, economic incentive model, and secure operations may create robust projects that consistently serve and benefit their early and late community members and creators.
Anticipating this situation in 2018, Satoshis Games designed & started Elixir Platform, the only end-to-end solution for distributing, updating & installing blockchain games in the market.
We presented our Desktop Game Launcher at the BTC 2021 conference in Miami. Elixir received the award for the best tool for blockchain adoption in the gaming category, as seen in the picture below, with some relevant web3 investors supporting Elixir on the judging panel like Tim Draper from Drapper Associates, Paul Veradittakit from Pantera Capital or Oleg Mikhalsky from Fulgur Ventures.
1st prize on the category blockchain gaming adoption at the Bitcoin 2021 conference
As we seek deeper meanings and analyse the more profound use cases of web3 gaming, Satoshis Games has successfully outperformed its competitors under a cross-chain unified end-to-end solution, providing flexibility for developers to select chains, functionalities, and communities along with technologies that best suit their needs. +100K users are already enjoying our first 20 games in Elixir, earning and trading while they play.
With the promise of health and longevity, Elixir's gamefi ecosystem has transcended its roots to support game developers from project funding to game distribution. Its firmly established evidence has already disrupted the web3 markets.
A desktop game launcher, a developer console, a GameFi dashboard, a game launchpad and a social multiverse will produce altered states of consciousness in the renaissance of web3 gaming: play, trade, manage your portfolio and co-invest in new web3 games from the comfort of a unique single platform.

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