Developer Console
Like Steam, but for web3 game developers!
Elixir Developer Conseol - Video
​Elixir Developer Console is the only available Web3 gaming developer platform blockchain agnostic where game studios can upload and manage their games' commercial information, executable files and NFTs that allow them to be reachable by end-users at Elixir Game Platform

Elixir Developer Console Features

  • Upload Game information such as the game description, images, posters, videos, languages, technical & recommended requirements, developer information and social links.
  • Manage Game versions for different OS and architectures, manage depot branches and build activation.
  • Import NFTs from Open Sea, Binance NFTs, Magic Eden or your custom Dapp.
  • Referral programs with discounts using your own tokens & NFTs.
  • Manage access settings such as approval submissions, release dates and maintenance periods.
  • Setting up IGOs to be marketed through Elixir
  • Creating Airdrops with your Token or NFT for promotional purposes (soon in production)
Toolkit to manage Games and NFTs, for their operations and marketing
All basic functionalities of a Game store and distribution platform similar to what traditional gaming platforms exhibit in their systems (Steam, Epic Games), have been replicated in Elixir to ensure a seamless transition of the trad gaming communities to the Web3 gaming world. Elixir Distribution Platform has been in production with more than 10 games and 60K+ users for 12 months already, so intensively tested and refined to ensure a smooth and robust performance.
Screenshot of part of the Game upload process, before review and publishing
Elixir provides plug & play native SDKs for UE4 & Unity to load game NFTs, protect game distribution with DRM, enable an anti-cheat engine & other utility tools/
Elixir Developer Console represents a straightforward and convenient tool for traditional and web3 gaming studios to prepare the commercialization of their games to the crypto community with minimal effort, highly convenient economic model and no risk.
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