Game Platform
Like Steam, but for web3 gamers
After Steam banned crypto-games & Epic Games publishing tool being in beta stage under waiting list approval. Elixir is the only live solution in the web3 market able to meet the needs of web3 games, developers & guilds.
Elixir - Game Platform
Elixir Platform integrates a Desktop Game Installer, where users can find, purchase, install, auto-update and execute crypto-games for PC safely for their creators.
Elixir Game Launcher comes as a desktop application where users access their library of games, view NFT flash sales from multiple games and keep their games freshly updated. Elixir is currently live in the following systems:
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

Elixir Game Platform beyond web3 gaming

Besides, the Elixir Game Launcher includes both (a) Games and (b) NFT aggregated stores. Download web3 games on your laptop, join whitelisted betas, enjoy referral programs from your favourite p2e games and never miss the next-gen blockchain game investment opportunity through an integrated launchpad.
Elixir Game Launcher includes an auto-updater, multiple OS support, DRM to protect game distribution and the most powerful anti-cheat engine to fight against game cheaters to keep up with the highest standards of gaming platforms.
But not only PC games are supported by our platform, and our Elixir App allows users to enjoy all mobile web3 games under distribution. This app is already in production and working under an add-based business model.
Elixir Platform - Mobile Support
With Elixir Game Launcher, users can play all of their Elixir based crypto-games in one place with just one connection operation, with support for mobile, both iOS & Android.
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