GameFi Dashboard
GameFi Dapp to connect web3 games
Elixir - Game Launchpad
Using Elixir DeFi Dashboard, native GameFi users will experience the ultimate elevation of GameFi: a single dashboard where they can invest in high-quality Web3 games and maximise their blockchain investment using our yield strategies to protect your initial capital while increasing the interest.
Elixir DeFi Dashboard is a platform built with the users' best interests in mind. Being users ourselves, we know how frustrating it is to miss IGO allocations, to see native assets decrease in value because of market makers, suffer from slow network performance...
Using our dashboard, all your assets and blockchain-secured items will be accessible from a user-friendly design. Simple paste your wallet address and you will be able to unlock the unique features of a multi-chain ecosystem: exchange tokens, trade in-game items, harvest rewards, participate in IGOs...

Ecosystem Map

Elixir - Protocol Diagram
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