DAO & Governance
Elixir - DAO Structure

How does it work?

$LXR grants governance and voting power. Token holders will be able to participate in protocol governance following a "one-token equals one-vote" strategy. Every $LXR token guarantees one unit of token power during the periodically held governance polls.
Voting is free, you won’t spend any tokens or gas. The $LXR token is the most scarce natural resource of our ecosystem and we want it to be spent on powering NFTs and turning them from fantasy into productive and yield-bearing assets.

Who can vote?

To be able to participate in the governance, you need to ensure that you have $LXR:
  • $LXR on your wallet
  • Staking/Farming $LXR.

How to vote?

Elixir voting will be happening in our snapshot space in
1️⃣ Go to Elixir Dapp, tap on “Settings” and “Vote” on the left sidebar.
2️⃣ Connect your wallet by tapping the button at the top of the voting page.
3️⃣ Choose the open proposal to vote.
4️⃣ Select your preferred option and tap on “Vote".
Done! Your vote is already being counted, and now just wait for the final result. 🎉
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